To upload character…

  1. Save character and copy the location
  2. Open up iPlay4e in your web browser
  3. Click “Upload” in the upper left corner
  4. Log in using your GOOGLE credentials
  5. Point to the file saved in step 1
  6. Click on the “star” just under the character name
  7. Click on the “lock” share with users…
  8. Type ‘theinternetisbig’ into the box that comes up
  9. Click on “Permalink” under “Embed/Link” and copy everything in the top box (http://iplay4e…)
  10. Access your character page
  11. Append ”<character_name>”: (including the quotes) before the http… copied in the previous post and paste into the ‘crunch’ section of your character page (e.g. “Flowerwind”: – becomes Flowerwind)

I’ll now have your character available to me and you will have it backed up online in a centralized location.

Growing darkness

What can you do to save the world from utter destruction?

The PC’s live on a world that is slipping into the shadow of Orcus. This land is being pulled into his realm slowly as more and more innocents are corrupted by the twisted church of Arrathis. Only a few bastions worshiping the true Erathis remain in the world. The only true church to him that remains is within the unbreakable gates of Paradika.

Arrathian priests use Scion of Necrosis to control swarms of undead. Control them to a very great degree indeed, the zombies can build houses, plow fields, and even cook dinner. The scion of necrosis allows even the uninitiated to control minor undead with but a whim. The users don’t realize the horrible cost of this power. With every new user Dukat is drawn more and more into the darkness. Within a generation Dukat will cease to exist, a hollow shell of a world drawn into Orcus’s realm in the abyss.

The daily prayer to Arrathis, all towns under Duraunti influence must pay this tithing and practice this ritual at dawn, noon and dusk.

“Thanks to Arrathis for not taking us this day, thanks to Arrathis for blessing us with his dedicated followers. We shall now bow down to Arrathis and pray… Now it is time for tithing, remember twenty percent and not a copper less, unless you would have the lord of Necris pull you into his abyss.”


Bren|Benn Willers



Jenn|Coraline Oreforged

Sarah|Lishaw Thornpaw