We began in a small village Gnarlton. The twins characters are from the nearby area. Flowerwinds village has recently been ravaged by orcs her people driven to the wind. After wandering in the wilderness she wound up in Benns village Gnarlton. The village is under assault by gruesome stirges captured and zombified by the twisted wizards of Duraunt. Duranti influence has spread into this far flung land.

The adventurers were united when a group of refugees from a nearby village arrived. Combining the heroic elements of these two villages the group sets out for the refugees home.

Upon arrival at the home of the new PC’s home town of Craggyoak a most disturbing scene is unfolded. No bodies, but blood and feces everywhere. Night is falling on the village and as the group leaves they are attacked by necrotic forces. Fleeing they arrive back in Gnarlton.

After regrouping the party decides to head through Craggyoak to the nearby town of Brandyine. On their second visit to Craggyoak the group did a superb job reinforcing a warehouse against the darkness and now have a safe place to stay.

Terribly, Brandyine can’t be called safe by the characters. The town is overrun with zombies and skeletons doing the work that men should. Building homes, tilling fields, making dinner; to the characters it is a most ghastly sight. At noon in town square a man dressed in dark robes and with no hair addresses town and the prayer to Arrathis commences.


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