Coraline Oreforged

Travelling cleric. Devoted to travelling and seeing everything the world around her has to offer..... And to kill those filthy orcs. =]


Age: 25 (A little young, but strong-willed)- Gender: Female.- Alignment/Deity: Good/Avandra- AC: 16- HP: 24- Fortitude Save: 12- Reflex Save: 11- Will Save: 18- Weapons: Coraline uses a Holy Symbol to focus her powers. When melee combat is needed, she uses her mace to knock foes out.- Trained Skills: Arcana, Diplomacy, History, & Religion.


Coraline was born to a couple of travelling merchants. She moved around a lot as a child with her parents. She saw so many wondrous things. She always had a love for travel because of it.

The reason Coraline is fighting with the group is that her love of travel made her want to escape. She has been living at home for some time because her mother came down with a severe illness that has left her bedridden. Coraline has been becoming very antsy and is quite ready to get out and do things. Her childhood friend is out with her as well; the wizard, Dayereth.

Although Dayereth isn’t too big on travel, he is always up for a fight, and knowing the conditions of nearby towns that are being overrun by orcs, he was more than willing to accompany Coraline on her travels.

Coraline’s driving force is her pure distaste for orcs. Even though she doesn’t fully understand this hatred, it was driven into her at a young age. All of her family and the people she grew up around have always hated orcs and have done what they could to keep them at bay.

Coraline Oreforged

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