Stoic Eladrin wizard who weilds his feared orb.


Enemy’s run in terror of 2d4+5 doom

AC-15 HP-23 orb+1 repulsion armor F-12 R-15 W-16


Dayereth was born many years ago in the largest city of Eladrin known as Silverspire. From a small child Dayereth was fascinated with the arcane witch lead to a life of arcane schooling. The zombie overtake of most of the worlds cites was known to the Eladrin and Dayereth was enlisted to assist one of the only towns not employing zombies as slaves. Gnarlton having yet to be discovered by the zombie plague was sending word of their survival and need for assistance to Silerspire. While at Gnarlton Dayereth worked for a family of Dwarfs known as the Oreforgeds as a arcane interpreter in order to find a better way to vanquish the zombie threat. He befriended their daughter Coraline. They both decided that they would use their power to find a way to save the world from total zombie domination. It was foreseen that the only thing that would save us would be the uniting of the Dwarf the Eladrin the Human and the Elf. Dayereth is searching to fulfill this but has not found all the answers.


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