Lishaw Thornpaw

"Fight the Good Fight! Give life to the good & death to all things evil."


Female, Lawful Good, Tiefling, Shaman, Infernal wrath, Fire Res 5 + 1/2 lvl, Bloodhunt, Companion Spirit, Stalker Spirit, Healing Spirit, Speak with Spirits, Combat Medic


I was born special. I understood the world around me before others my age because of my destiny. I was born with the mark. The mark that can only be given by a Spirit companion. My mother discovered the panther when I was just a few days old.

I’ve been told, it looks like a panther is walking, along my pelvis from the middle of my back to my right hip. They say that it looks like I was branded by the spirits.

My parents realized the significance of the mark. My mother had seen it before, on her father. Her brother, also carried the mark of a spirit, but not the Stalker Panther. He was blessed by the Protector Bear.

My parents showed my mother’s family the mark, and the rituals began. My grandfather had died while adventuring years earlier, so my uncle anointed me. He moved closer to the family and watched over my fledgling attempts to invoke the spirit that had chosen me. He wrote me stories, and lead me down the path to my life companion, Maulabar. Each shaman must find the totem within. The young build towers of blocks in an attempt to call the friend they know is with them.

He was my mentor. He was the only one that truly understood the world as I do.

Although, some saw me as weird in the village, I knew that I was lucky. I had someone to help me down the path to my predetermined destiny. I know that I am destined to shine the light of good in a ever darkening world.

Through meditation and communing with the spirit world I have learned to heal. However, I was not powerful enough to save my Uncle from the Zombie kings. The Lords that rule over the zombies were to powerful for the both of us combined.

That is when my uncle gave himself for the good fight. He was overcome by the zombies and the village. The villagers welcomed the zombie kings, and gave their work to the undead. They fell under the spell of sloth very quickly. However, he saw the evil and protested the zombies (even killed several). He appealed to the goodness in the village and was torn to pieces for it.

The evil Lords themselves, came to reckon with him. He fought valiantly, but could not continue when faced with the village fighting him. That is when he released his spirit from his body in his last ritual.

The town knew that I was close to my uncle and carried the mark. They didn’t believe that I would not interfere. So within days of my uncle’s murder, the evil Lords ran me out of town. Though, I suspect that they were trying to kill me.

Lishaw Thornpaw

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