• Benn Willers

    Benn Willers

    Teenage, Human, Lawful Good, Fighter that has Been Called to Battle by Destiney!
  • Coraline Oreforged

    Coraline Oreforged

    Travelling cleric. Devoted to travelling and seeing everything the world around her has to offer..... And to kill those filthy orcs. =]
  • Dayereth


    Stoic Eladrin wizard who weilds his feared orb.
  • Flowerwind


    Very young Elven bow ranger orphaned by zombie attack
  • Lishaw Thornpaw

    Lishaw Thornpaw

    "Fight the Good Fight! Give life to the good & death to all things evil."
  • Tjam


    Hill giant and death knight Tjam strikes terror into the hearts of his foes