Very young Elven bow ranger orphaned by zombie attack



Flowerwind rescued a den of wolves after a forest fire too their mother. They are now grown and follow her around.


Born in a small elven village near the edge of Fendthorn forest. Flowerwind was a natural with the bow. She never really knew her father, he met his fate when Flowerwind was just an infant on a far away battlefield. He was trying to fend off the horde of orcs coming from the stonespire mountains east of the forest.

Destined to become a great hero of the elven people Flowerwind excelled in all of her peoples traditional skills. Her parents and the people of her village could see this so the name Flowerwind was given to her. An ancient name of the legendary hero who saved the elven people from the corruption of darkness.

The proud folks of Flowerwind’s home village wouldn’t bend knee to the emissaries of Duraunt and they were summarily wiped out by the undead horde. In the ensuing chaos Flowerwind fled into the woods to hide and plot her revenge. It was then that Flowerwind vowed to get revenge upon Content Not Found: Tjam the hill giant death knight that brought doom upon her home.

Eventually Flowerwind found a secluded village still untouched by the darkness of Duraunts curse upon this world.


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